Sunday, April 23, 2017

MLB Tournament of Champions: Regular Season Round 6

It's kind of hard to believe we're three weeks into the baseball season at this point. Major League Baseball has had some good stuff happen already, the 2016 Cubs received their championship banner and rings, and the Minnesota Twins are playing well. Baseball is weird.

The Tournament of Champions is progressing as well. The 1970 Baltimore Orioles have overtaken the best record in the tournament at 12-5, half a game up on the aforementioned Cubs as well as the 1986 New York Mets. Meanwhile, the 1993 Toronto Blue Jays have the worst mark in the tournament at 5-13.

We've got another batch of games to go through today from the weekend though. We have one doubleheader this round as one of our six matchups between division rivals. All simulations are provided by Let's play ball.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

MLB Tournament of Champions: Regular Season Round 5

We're a good two weeks into the MLB Tournament of Champions, and we have a little bit of separation in the standings.

The 2016 Cubs lost their three game set in the last round, but they're the best team in the tournament still, and were the first to 10 wins. They've built a solid division lead through two weeks, and are up a game on the '86 Mets for the best record. On the other end, the 2005 White Sox have the worst record through two weeks at 3-8. We still have another three months of baseball left to play though, so it's way too soon to judge them as being awful.

Last round had some schedule quirks with wraparound weekend series, so there are some teams that aren't playing this round's games until Tuesday. But there are no doubleheaders on tap this round and only one game between division foes.

There is one weird thing just with the way the schedule got put together that I'm not crazy about, but I had no choice with. The Atlanta Braves are off Monday and begin their series on Tuesday, but that series marks the beginning of 34 days in a row. I'm not happy about it, and I'm pretty sure it would go against the collective bargaining agreement, but it's how things fell. Fortunately, there are no doubleheaders in this span.

All simulations are provided by Let's get started.

Monday, April 17, 2017

MLB Tournament of Champions: Regular Season Round 4

I hope you all had a blessed Easter! Normally, I would have run this piece yesterday, but the holiday and the schedule allowed me to push it back a day.

We have a number of teams in pretty good shape thus far, but none better than the blessed 2016 Cubs, who have won seven in a row and boast the best record in the Tournament to date at 9-1. Four other teams sit at 7-3 through three rounds of action. On the opposite end, our current worst team is the '71 Pirates, who have just one win to their name, due to a combination of a bye and facing the aforementioned Cubs.

We've got another doubleheader in this go around, and I was also forced to build in another scheduling quirk in this round with a wraparound weekend series, hence the one day delay. I'll have a couple more of those built in over the next few weeks, but I think once we're past the first week of May I'm done with them.

All simulations are provided by Let's play some baseball.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

MLB Tournament of Champions: Regular Season Round 3

We're onto our second week of the MLB Tournament of Champions, and even though it's early, we're starting to see a little separation.

No one is undefeated and no one is winless at this stage, but the 1970 Baltimore Orioles and their lack of designated hitter at home seems to be doing them a favor, as they boast the best record in the tournament at 6-1. The 2016 Chicago Cubs and 2005 Houston Astros are right in the mix though at 5-1. But with every team playing a total of 92 games in this tournament, we still have a long way to go.

We have five divisional matchups over the next few days, all in the National League, including one matchup that forced a scheduled doubleheader on Tuesday.

All simulations are provided by Let's get to the action.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs Predictions

Today begins one of the most fun and most stressful (if your team is in it) times of year: playoff hockey is upon us.

16 teams begin their quest in the next two days for the greatest trophy in all of sports. The next two weeks will be crazy though, with eight series playing out.

Today's post will focus on the first round, but at the end I will make my pre-postseason Cup prediction.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

MLB Tournament of Champions: Regular Season Round 2

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! The MLB Tournament of Champions rolls on with our second batch of series begins.

In the early going, three teams picked up sweeps to jump out to an early advantage, but we're only 3-4 games into the tournament, and anything can happen. The '95 Braves and '04 Red Sox can finally jump into the fray as well after having a bye to open the tournament.

After seeing just two series between division opponents in the first round, we have eight over the weekend. We also the first example of one of a couple scheduling quirks that I had to build into the tournament, as we have our first doubleheader. With the Blue Jays having played Tampa in the opening round and facing another division foe this weekend, I had to schedule a Saturday doubleheader for their series in the Bronx. I did make sure, however, to minimize instances of this happening, and this doubleheader is the only one for both the Yankees and Blue Jays.

I want to note here as well that in the Round 1 post, I brought up a pair of Thursday games. Today's post starts with Thursday because of the multiple divisional games in this round. Those will kick things off.

All simulations are provided by Let's get to the field!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

MLB Tournament of Champions: Regular Season Round 1

And so now that we are into the month of April... let the Tournament of Champions begin!

While Major League Baseball opens its 2017 regular season, the Tournament of Champions will run alongside it in the virtual world, as we take among the best renditions of each franchise in the last fifty-plus years. Each team will play 92 games over the next three and a half months to set up a postseason for the ages as I seek to find the greatest team of all time.

I decided the easiest way to report on all the results from the Tournament of Champions was to do one post for each "round" which consists of a three or four game series for each team, with one team from each league getting a bye for three or four days to reset its rotation and rest some guys. This is the first such round. Most of our series in this round are inter-division matchups, so most of them will only go three games through Wednesday, but there are some divisional matchups that will run through the Thursday. I will note that there are some Thursday games being played in Round 2, but I will not input those results until after the weekend, when all Round 2 results will be input.

I discovered when running through the simulations this round, I forgot that the designated hitter was not adopted by the American League until 1973. The 1970 Orioles are the only team affected by this rule, and rather than fight with a bunch of stuff, I just decided that all games in Baltimore during this tournament will take place without the DH, just as God intended. Sorry, '05 White Sox and the rest of the American League, who will have to play 3-4 games without a DH, but I'm really not sorry.

As has been the case with all prior Tournaments of Champions, all simulations are provided by Let's play!